Common Questions

Who is an appropriate referral?
The children in our groups reflect a broad range of personalities and challenges. We do not specialize in one area. Some of our children are shy and anxious, others are friendly and impulsive. Some have difficulty knowing how to initiate conversation and enter play. Others are friendly but cannot maintain their friendships. Some children could be described as "socially quirky", while others appear to fit into the social world easily. Some of our children were referred to us because of behavioral challenges and many have come to learn emotional regulation. It should be noted that when children are severely dysregulated, we recommend that they attend a much smaller group or do individual work. Some children come to our groups highly motivated, recognizing their need for friendship skills. Others do not. In nearly all cases, children tend to buy into our groups almost immediately because they have fun, experience success, and develop friendships.
What should I do while I wait for my child?
Anything you like! We are fortunate to to reside in a building with a deli and parents have a place where they can hang out and get to know each other. However, by the time a family gets here, the parents may be tired, and not everyone will have the energy to chat. Some parents cherish a little quiet time. Some parents go off and run errands, take a walk, or read a book in their cars during that period of time. Whatever you choose to do, please be back 10 minutes before the group is out.
Parking can be hard to find. If you are unable to find a spot, you can park in the loading zone in front of the building while you drop your child off. Spots are always opening up, so you will likely find a spot once you come back down from drop off.
Do you diagnosis kids?
No, that's a job for a trusted pediatrician or mental health provider.

What is expected of me?
Just show up. We often give "homework", but we understand that not everyone is going to be able to make it a priority every week. It's enough that you're here and supporting your child.