Privacy & Policies

If you wish for us to contact another professional in your child's life, we will ask for a release of information to be completed.

Email Communications
We ask that email be limited to scheduling purposes and essential communications. Email may contain client identifiable or confidential information. Because email is not secure, please be aware of associated risks of email transmission. Communication via email implies your agreement to accept the risks of email communication.
Building Rules
Because this is an office building, we ask that you help your child be respectful of this quiet office space. For safety, please walk with your child from the parking lot to the building and wait with him/her until we meet you in the waiting room of Suite #312. We also ask that you keep your child from running, skipping, or chasing while inside the building or out in the large, busy, parking lot area. We love hearing that kids are getting to play before or after group, but ask that you take kids to a local park for these mini playdates. The stairs and parking lot area are not safe play areas.

Due to our limited time and staff, we don’t want to interrupt our sessions for bathroom breaks. Therefore, when you arrive , please accompany your child to the bathroom before our group begins . Because this building is open to the public, we ask that you accompany your child to the bathroom for safety.